E-commerce development trends

Nowadays when we think of purchasing something, we don’t go out to check the variety of products available at the store, but instead, we open Amazon (or put any other e-commerce site here) from a laptop or on mobile and buy what we need on the site that offers the best price.

Numbers don’t lie – they show that the amount of people buying online is constantly increasing around the world and e-commerce takes a large part of the retail spending. Creating an online store with products is no longer enough to succeed in the business. E-commerce is developing and changing and there are trends that should be noticed and taken into account by every business owner.

1. AI – the future is here and now. AI helps to identify a growth strategy and increase sales by using data patterns that consider browsing history, market analysis etc. Some AI technologies developed specifically for work with Amazon are now among top-rank startups in the tech world. Besides, there are AI chatbots that can be used to improve the user experience and add some engagement.

2. AR or AUGMENTED REALITY makes a casual shopping experienced for a digital sphere. Imagine you are buying a new sofa and having an option to check out how it will actually fit your interior right away by this lifelike simulation is just awesome. This instant deep look&feel makes you want to buy things faster and with less hesitation. Thus, it’s not only convenient but also makes a shopping process exciting for the users.

3. The easy checkout process on Mobile. Create an option for a user to instantly buy things from mobile without the need to searching for the cart that may be a bit impractical on a small screen. When the ordering process gets complicated, you lose your potential clients.

4. Voice Search. Take the marketing seriously and adjust your content so that your web app pops-up when someone is using voice search long sentences to find and buy something. Forms of typed search requests are usually short and precise unlike those with voice search. Take this point into consideration and bring your company ahead of hundreds that don’t think about it yet.

5. Dynamic content, call-to-actions as the golden rule. Make a shopping process personalized. Show some products that that were viewed before and suggest similar products to a user. Make user’s shopping a unique and convenient process.

These are the points that can boost your e-commerce business and our quality.code team will be happy to assist you with full-cycle development, whether it’s a project idea that should be developed from scratch or a working business that needs enhancements. We’ll take full responsibility and treat your project like it’s our own. Just drop us a message to discuss!