Laravel makes running a startup easier, why?

Tip-Top: Laravel makes running a startup easier, why?

Nowadays “how long?” is the question which stands near to “what?”.

When you run a startup: you should do things quickly, otherwise, competitors will beat you or you’ll be stuck focusing on solving problems rather than on developing a great product and your clients’ satisfaction. Right technology means a lot when you want to achieve quick results in resolving a tricky task.

Let’s have a brief talk on Laravel. There are a lot of reasons why you should keep your eye on it or at least pay some attention to it. You’d ask why? What does it make so special?

Some things you need to know about:

1. First of all, is a great variety of ready-to-use packages on the market. This framework has a wide ecosystem: Vapor, Forge, Cashier, Socialite, Mix, Horizon. Those all are relative products which were developed by laravel authors and they speed up the development process by resolving common tasks. There are also 3rd party packages which usage usually requires a few lines of code to be added to the project. Dependent on stable addons makes your application more stable b/c you don’t need to invent a bicycle again.

2. The great popularity of this framework leads to the fact that the majority of PHP developers have experience with laravel. It leads to an indirect economy of time and money because

1) it’s quite easy to find a team of developers and

2) no need to spend additional resources on developers learning.

3. Resolving issues in minutes, literally! Laravel has the most complete documentation and stackoverflow for any common problem. Literally developers can easily google any case/trouble they get stuck with – the majority of cases are well described in documentation or already resolved by other developers from the community.

4. Hybrid apps make a golden ratio in the meaning of development speed/interface quality. Laravel has a deep integration with Vue, another popular framework written on JS. Vue allows you to make your UI reactive and take it to a new level with reusable components and flexibility of reactive apps. You may even build a SPA application on Vue + Laravel for the smoothest experience of ending users.

5. Great toolkit: Laravel authors care a lot about making their framework to be a super-charged toolkit with a lot of flexible instruments in it. Comparing to construction engineering – instruments mean a lot when you want to achieve great speed and quality of the process. And laravel is one of the coolest toolkits comparing to competing frameworks. They made their instruments to be convenient when you hold it with your hand and flexible enough to cover the majority of usage cases.

All these points lead to one simple conclusion: it speeds you up when it’s really needed. Laravel is a great option for developing applications in both management and development dimensions. It simply keeps your process more focused on what in front or further to you, and less on looking at your feet.

So choose the right technology and choose the right team for your project – we are always here to help you with your project!