Why choosing a Ukrainian IT outsourcing partner?

A spacious country in Southeast Europe, Ukraine has been at the top of the ranks among the best IT outsourcing destinations in the world in recent years. Surely a bit of luck for the nation, it is yet nowhere near an accident.

Today there are three main software outsourcing regions in the world: two traditional markets in Asia and India, plus one emerging in Eastern Europe. The latter is praised as the new go-to option for sourcing tech talent and includes several countries, among which Ukraine is a special gem.

See, when it comes to finding a favorable IT outsourcing location, there are many factors influencing one’s choice. Things like availability and quality of talent, geopolitics and economic situation, as well as reputation – all play a part in determining which place is good for outsourcing and which isn’t. In this regard, Ukraine strikes gold across the assessment.

Here’s why:

– Lower Cost
The economical situation in Ukraine is such that it has the lowest average wages among all countries in the region. IT experts here will charge you 4-5x times less than across the ocean in the US or Canada, and about two times less than in neighboring Poland. You don’t need a calculator for this one, do you?

The country’s legislative advancements to ease the pressure off of the IT industry have had a great effect, making the process of hiring people one of the most simple and transparent in the world. Moreover, the so-called FOP (individual entrepreneur) tax system allows employing IT professionals at a minuscule 5-7% tax rate, so all sides are free from the burden of additional spending.

– Smooth Communication
IT workers in Ukraine are known for smooth communication, not only in terms of positive character traits and overall friendliness but in terms of English speaking skills just as much. Over two-thirds of the nation’s specialists can boast of intermediate to an upper-intermediate level of English, with project managers and business analysts usually being more fluent.
So, when working with Ukrainian devs you don’t have to worry about misunderstanding and poor communication, which, for anyone who has ever run a remote project, is clearly a high priority.

– High Quality
Ukraine’s schools produce over 300.000 graduates each year. And although there aren’t as many IT schools as one would hope for, 56% of employed specialists have a university degree in IT or Tech, and the educational system provides future engineers with the right set of skills required to master the craft and make it in the IT industry.
This puts digital products delivered by Ukrainian devs on the same level as the ones produced anywhere else in the world.

– Good Reputation
Finally, Ukraine has garnered a ton of supporters among entrepreneurs in North America and Europe in the last several years, earning a reputation of a perfect combination of talent and cost. So don’t be surprised that ⅕ of Fortune 500 companies choose to hire no one else but the Ukrainian IT workforce.

These are some of the reasons to consider when choosing an IT outsource partner for your next project. Want to learn more about software development through Ukraine?

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