WordPress – Why So Cool?

When it comes to IT product development, one of the first things to determine is a choice of technology to build it with. While there is a wide range of coding languages and tools to pick from on the market, the one that really stands out among the competition is WordPress. You have probably heard about the platform before, but what actually is it from a technical point of view?

Let’s get clear with the definition first.
WordPress is a PHP-based content management system (CMS). Coupled with a MySQL or MariaDB database, the platform is based on a plugin architecture along with a template system.

While WP was originally meant purely for creating blogs, it has since evolved and been adopted outside the content publishing niche – from forums and membership websites to media aggregators, learning management systems, and even eCommerce resources using it today. In fact, over a third of all websites on the Internet are WordPress-powered (as of 2019) – one figure that definitely speaks for itself.

So, why is WP so popular nowadays? There are a few good reasons:

  1. It’s free and open source
    WP’s content management solution comes free and open-source, which means that you get a ready, reliable, and easily-changeable/modifiable at the same time web development platform – at zero additional expense.
  2. Plugins
    One of the main pillars behind WordPress’s capabilities is its plugin system, which allows extending a website’s features and functionality in a matter of a few clicks. In fact, there are over 50 thousand plugins available for WP users for free, on top of approximately 15 hundred premium ones. The plugins include virtually all sorts of useful functionalities – from various SEO tools, client portals, and management systems to widgets and navigation bars – you name it, allowing owners to tweak websites to their specific wants and needs.
  3. Themes
    A proper visual representation of one’s online presence is extremely important for anyone running a web resource, and there are few options (apart from a custom web design) on the market that do it better than WordPress themes. Easily installed and programmatically modifiable – they allow to complete change a website’s appearance and tailor it to one’s unique creative vision.
  4. Additional features
    On top of all of the aforementioned benefits, WordPress offers additional features like integrated link management, a search-engine friendly and convenient permalink system, and automatic filters for text formatting and stylization.
  5. Mobile-friendly
    Last but not least, WordPress-based layout is properly scalable and websites built with it remain responsive when used on tablets and smartphones.

All in all, WordPress is a powerful and convenient website building platform, suiting a huge number of businesses and purposes. And while it is better to look for a different solution when building highly complex software structures, WP is perfect for simple and less demanding projects.

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